Wonder Writers Writing Clubs

IWP promotes writing clubs for students of various ages through after-school sessions and half-days during a four-day week in the summer. Clubs are located at individual schools. Costs depend on particular arrangements with the school.

Self-expression with written language is a natural and enjoyable impulse for children of all ages, especially in light of the print and electronic material that surrounds them. Consequently, students find the camps highly engaging, and they learn writing skills in the course of fun-filled activities in which they compose a variety of types of writing based on their interests.

Writing Palooza

Every spring, IWP holds a day-long Saturday festival of writing workshop sessions for students grades K-8. Sessions focus on real-world writing, including family stories, soap-box speeches on social issues, news feature stories, and poetry. The 2019 Writing Palooza takes place Sat. April 27 at Nobel School in Chicago. Click here to learn more.

Contact the IWP Director or any member of our leadership team for further information.

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