IWP can provide any of the following workshops by arrangement with your school or district. Contact us at illinoiswritingproject@neiu.edu .

ISBE credit hours are provided for all workshops . NEIU graduate credit hours can be arranged for an additional fee.

Teaching Writing

Learn engaging and practical strategies for teaching writing that you can begin on Day 1. You’ll walk away knowing how to balance in-depth learning in the writing curriculum with standardized test expectations. Plus, you’ll know how to set up, conduct, and manage a writers’ workshop to build strong and successful writers.

Digital and Media Literacies

This workshop focuses on equity and the use of technology to strengthen student voice, identity, and authentic assessments. You will learn ways to ignite student motivation by creating hands-on, experiential projects that reflect their beliefs and passions. Personalized learning has multiple benefits, many accomplished by allowing students to express themselves through  technological tools and strategies that highlight their strengths. Attendees will come away from the workshop with a renewed perspective and practical tools to help them accomplish their goals.

Social-Emotional Learning and Writing

At the heart of this workshop is a recognition of the power of writing and reading to create classrooms and schools where social emotional learning flourishes. This workshop offers suggestions, activities, and dialogue about social emotional learning that doesn’t gobble up our students’ time but creates a classroom where learning and the love of learning are nurtured. And this workshop supports existing school-wide programs as well.

Leadership Workshop

As effective teachers, we all seek to deepen literacy teaching and learning. Yet we also need to broaden our ability to help guide the direction of education in our schools and to learn leadership strategies for doing this constructively. Our IWP Summer Advanced workshop focuses on all these aspects of our work.

Translanguaging and Literacy

This nurturing workshop will engage participants in digging in their Lectoescritura instructional identities. Novice and experienced educators will uncover their own reading and writing identities as it relates to language, justice, bias, and Latinx stereotypes. We will engage in a combination of powerful conversations, writing exercises, reading mentoring texts, and powerful classroom strategies to uncover the writer in you and your emergent bilinguals. Participants will walk away with a wealth of instructional practices that will transform their practices leading to uncovering emergent bilinguals’ language practices into Lectoescritura practices.

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