2020 summer workshops completed online!

IWP workshops were offered online for summer 2020. Any of these can be provided for teachers in your school or district during the academic year as well. Contact us at illinoiwritingproject@neiu.edu for more information

Teaching Writing —

With teachers concerned with teaching writing online, many teachers are seeking help on how to proceed. Topics covered in this workshop include setting up, conducting, and managing a writing workshop, balancing in-depth learning in the writing curriculum with standardized test expectations, and energizing renewal for ourselves as we work with like-minded professionals from all grade levels.


Digital and Media Literacy —

Many students have grown up in a world of images, sound, and music. During times of uncertainty, it is more important than ever to teach students to participate in the world using 21st century tools. This online course will focus on digital technologies that allow students to communicate and express themselves in different ways.

Writing in Bilingual and Dual Language Classrooms

Participants engaged in practical application of ideas for students navigating two languages, aligned to best practice and research theories to teach writing to ELs. This workshop was divided into two half days, delving into writing strategies that are included in K-5 classroom writing workshops. Goals of the two-day workshop: participants will have a toolbox of effective writing strategies that can easily be implemented into your current classroom setting.


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