Based on student needs and instructional strategies teachers are learning about, the IWP leader plans demonstration lessons with various host teachers in the building. A small number of other teachers observe, with substitutes covering their classes for just the period in which observations are made. Alternatively, teachers may pair up and a single teacher observes in the host classroom during his or her planning period.

A debriefing session before or after school or during other available time enables the teachers involved to discuss what they observed, plan adoption of the demonstrated strategy in their own classrooms, anticipate challenges, and identify a further strategy to observe in a next round of the work.

If teachers are ready to take more of an active role, the lesson can be co-taught by the IWP leader and the host teacher. If the school has a literacy coach, the IWP leader may help the coach to plan and lead the lesson. Multiple rounds of these demonstrations can be planned, if appropriate.

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